3 Fall Trends Needed In Your Closet


3 fall trends you need to participate in are the ones that will help you save so much time in the morning/evening. Fall is the time for looking comfy, hands down. But it is also the time to dress your best in the easiest way possible. So here are some fall trends that are affordable […]

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The Start of Fall #OOTD


Hello Everyone! A good sweater is clearly an essential for the fall time. And of course it would be such a good idea to add more colors that are not so earth tone to ones closet. For me that essential is this sweater! It is clearly a soft baby pink and the details on it […]

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Yeezy Inspired Outfit


Of course I’m back with another yeezy outfit! This by far has to be the best outfit post I have done in a while. Remember when I said I was going to start wearing more nude colors? Well this sweater dress really topped off and its perfect for this season! Whenever it get a little […]

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The Sweater You Need This Season


Hello everyone! Theirs something about a white sweater in the fall time that makes me go crazy, but this time in a good way. I honestly feel like the color white in his season should be as popular as burgundy or brow because it’s such a neautral color that has the same effect if styles […]

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Hello October 


  Hey guys! I say this all the time but I cannot believe this year is passing by so fast! It is officially fall in my eyes because the Halloween costumes are coming up, orange leaves are here, and of course the pumpkin spice latte are now at Starbucks. This month I will try to […]

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Fall Outfits, The Perfect Recipe #OOTD


Of course fall is here but of course because California does not know the difference it is always humid and hot just like the summer. Minus the fact that instead of the sun being out constantly it decides to play peek-a-boo or Marco polo as soon as you say “thank god the sun isn’t out”. […]

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Puma Fierce : Shoes of The Week


Everyone seems to have all the rave about Puma. And I’m going to keep it real with you guys, I don’t like change. I have been a Nike fan since I was a toddler, seriously I’m pretty sure my mom has a picture of my shoe game being on point the moment I was able […]

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First Outfit Of Fall


The main colors I plan on wearing this fall season would defiantly go along the lines of army green, burgundy, nude and black. Not only because I have to be the most basic person ever but because those are just some simple cute colors to fit for this period. At the end of the day […]

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