Avoiding Back To School Dress Codes

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Their is nothing more devastating then going to school in an outfit that you feel your best in only to have to change because of the school dress code. But with this outfit and the layering I feel like it is the perfect outfit to avoid being dress coded. If needed you can defiantly dress […]

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Senior Pictures Makeup Tutorial!


  Senior Pictures are the most imporatant time in your enior year in my opinion. This is the same picture that will be in the last year book anyone will see of you, and the picture that will be all over your house with the cap and gown on your shoulders. So not only do […]

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The Perfect Summer Outfit


The perfect summer outfit is either a dress like I had in this post and this one, or just something that is very comfortable but still airy for these stuffy summer nights. And for people who don’t always want to wear shorts like myself I just settle for a nice pair of jeans with holes […]

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School Supplies Haul!


The only thing that makes me look forward to going back to school is school supply shopping. And I am pretty sure most people feel this way too. Just the joy in getting all of the cute materials that match and are so bright, seriously makes me want to crack open the books and get […]

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My Top 3 False Lashes


  Hey Guys! I have the craziest obsession with false lashes recently and its so funny because I used to be completely horrified of them! I used to think they would tear off my lashes or I would get glue in my eye, just everything horrible could go wrong if I wore them. But not […]

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