Remaining Positive in Negative Situations

Telling someone to count their blessings and not their problems can be easily said but not easy to follow through with yourself. When your sad you don’t just remember one thing, it all comes crashing down especially when you keep your emotions bottled up. Instead of telling people that their isn’t a reason to be sad shouldn’t we just let them take it all out? Keeping your emotions all in is like letting water boil in a pot with the top on, even when it’s over flowing and water is spilling out making a big mess. And what else makes me really upset about people telling their upset peers to not be upset, is the fact that some people act like that never been in that place of the person that just wants to explode.Even though I agree that there is a time and place for everything, maybe all we need to do is be the shoulder to cry on waiting silently with our ears wide open.

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