Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian

Earlier last week between January 12-19 Amber Rose a gorgeous model and former wife of Wiz Khalifa, posted a picture of herself in a really revealing bikini. The first thing I thought was wow I really want her body, and the second she literally got few to no hate on it! Lets please start the thunder-clap for society because we are on our way to become decent and accepting for the first time in a while. But as always I over thought the whole situation as usual something sparked my attention. Why is it okay for her to do it and not for Kim Kardashian when she posted something equally revealing? Is it because of her past? Everyone’s argument with her doing that nude photo-shoot was mainly ” it’s not okay because she is a mother”….. but so is Amber. Trust me I am all for people being really confident with themselves and I praise everyone who shows off their body because not only is it theirs but it is actually such a big motivator for people with low confidence. But am I the only one who is confused and found this really weird? So once again you go Amber and Kim!!!! Just keep in mind that we do need to be friendly to all and not shame other girls based off of their past.

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