Starting a Diary or Journal

This idea may seem very childish or laughable to some but in the end it is such a good idea. I kept a journal that I wrote in for most of 2014, it had to be the best choice I have ever made. Even though some days my hand would cramp up with all the words that were racing 100¬†mph in my head…… I was able to look back at things I failed to remember at the end of the year and it was such a great feeling to have. At first it was hard to keep writing in what I did during the day because it was either really boring or I was just too tired to but either way I wish I could have continued to do so because it would be even funnier to look back and read that journal years from now. I also seem to have a bad habit of keeping things inside and just pushing my worries away, writing it out actually really helped and just brought me to peace calming state. So if I were you. this 2015 I would take 10 minutes out of my day to write with pen and paper about your day despite how stupid or boring you think it is.

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