Feminist. Feminist. Feminist. Feminist. Here is Urban dictionary’s definition of feminism; “The belief that women are and should be treated as potential intellectual equals and social equals to men. These people can be either male or female human beings.” Sooo….. Can anyone tell me why some people don’t believe in everyone being equal or am I missing something in this world-wide crisis? It is 2015 why are we still fighting for human rights, women’s rights, rights for every race? This is something that I am truly embarrassed of and will have such a hard time explaining this to my future grandchildren or children when they have to learn about the stupidity of our people today. I don’t think people realize when they don’t believe in feminism they dont believe in having their mom or daughter being equal to them or their partner who is of the opposite sex. You are literally saying that men are higher than women when they aren’t. And if you truly believe that give me one good reason or proof that they are. The people who say they aren’t a feminist obviously don’t realize that they were born from a woman, can’t people realize she raised and cared for them, and they are going to have a daughter or a niece or some type of relative that is a girl so do people who say they aren’t a feminist really want her not to be successful and for her to be controlled by almost every random guy. I just don’t realize what people think they are saying when the words ” I am not a feminist” roll of their tongue like its nothing, while I’m hearing thick bile flow from their lips.

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