The Most Horrific Video

So as you may not know I am vegetarian. Some of you just rolled your eyes and I find that understandable. Some people who are vegetarian like to rub that in others faces and try to forcefully put their lifestyle on others and that’s something I don’t agree on. I say this because if you shove meat in my face it will not end on a good note. I was also raised to treat people how you want to be treated so maybe that has to do with it….. either way I am not going to rub my lifestyle in your face or go into much detail about it but I would love to say this. Do you know those videos that you will occasionally see like ” here is the reason why Ariana Grande is vegan” ” WOW you wont belive whats in your meat!!!!!” ” ten reasons why eating meat is disgusting”, they are everywhere but this one just made me cry. It is a short 11 minute video with Steve-O talking about what happens in farms and places where the meat that people eat is dealt with and its goal is to educate but it was honestly so horrific and graphic. It kind of makes me angry that videos like this are forced on people sometimes and that they are everywhere because if you wanted to be vegetarian or vegan you would have acted on it and made that lifestyle change. I know that it is just an educational video in their words but is it really necessary to have them everywhere. All I am trying to say is that whether you eat meat or not we should not force our lifestyle on each other.

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