Some may not realize it but you might be insecure. If your constantly putting yourself down or not doing something because you don’t think you will be able to or even comparing yourself to other people just anyone who walks into the room, you are what we call insecure. It is not a bad thing because everyone is some kind of insecure but when it affects your life and you can’t even admit that you are insecure that’s when you should acknowledge it. Today in basketball we had to sit down and talk and we realized that being some kind of insecure can lead to so many negative things like jealousy and thinking something is happening when it’s not. Insecurities can affect the way you feel about yourself and that leads to the way people see you because if you carry yourself a certain way people can’t help but see you that way. I don’t think that we can jump to conclusions and feel jealous when it isn’t necessary and treat people a certain way because were insecure about ourselves because that isn’t the way to go and you shouldn’t live your life that way. I personally think that people even the people who say that they aren’t insecure should sit back and reevaluate yourself and see where you are. People who don’t think they don’t have some kind of insecurity or even people who do have an insecurity should rebuild themselves and come to a personal peace because if you don’t respect yourself and you don’t feel good about yourself it will show and you shouldn’t beat yourself up about the way you are whether its personality or looks.

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