So some people will go above and beyond to have the perfect skin when the things they do are so unnecessary. Unless really bad acne runs in the family you do not need to do so much for your skin. Keep in mind with these tips I am not a professional.

Wash your face twice a day 

I honestly thought this was an obvious one, but then I counted the times that I myself was a little bit too lazy to was my face before bed. An easy solution to this is before you go in your bed wash your face. And while were on the topic the product you wash your face with should not have a lot of chemicals in it, I personally use dove. Natural products are the way to go all the time. Finally, do not wash your face too much either because you can dry it out and wash away the natural oils we hear so much about.

Keep your hair clean and out of your face Not only did I use to have bangs but even after they grew out I still had the side swooped thing going on and looking back at pictures it was definitely cringe worthy. My face was constantly filled with pimples on both my forehead and cheeks and ever since I pulled my hair back more my face wasn’t as bad. If you have bangs you can still avoid this by not loading them with tons of product and keeping your hair clean. You also might want to keep makeup wipes or wipes that are sensitive enough for your face.


I’m definitely guilty on this but I’m working on it each and everyday…

Clean anything that touches your face.

This is in particular your phone, makeup brushes, pillows, comforters, wash cloths. This is self-explanatory because this things collect dirt, germs and have been on my places that collect even more dirt so clean them frequently.

Exfoliate once a week

I say once a week and not everyday for a very good reason and that’s because you can experience burning sensations, skin pealing and the worst experience in your whole life if you exfoliate every single day it literally the equivalent of picking a scab and then the skin under that and then the skin under that every single day. Hopefully you cringed because it hurts. What I like to exfoliate with would be baking soda completely water down until its like a paste but maybe even thinner depending on your face sensitivity and washing your face with it for 5 minutes, use this tip with precaution because it can irritate your skin a lot all depended on the sensitivity of your skin especially with this acidic product. You can also use sugar and vinegar and massage your face for 2 minutes and it will work perfectly!

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