The world is tough and in a place where movies and tv shows can have a toll on what we do can make everything seem easier than it really is. And yes I know the saying the truth hurts but telling the truth can also ruin friendships and what you build up especially if it is really harsh. What we say and do can change us for the better or worse and I don’t know about you but the fact that simple words that we say to each other can change the course of our lives and sometimes our thought process kinda scares me.

I’m saying all of this because so many times people aren’t honest with me because it might “hurt” my feeling but if I look totally ratchet one day when I think im Beyoncé I would actually like for someone to tell me. Its called tough love and if people were more honest with each other we would have way less silly mistakes that are like domino effects with our society. Even though it might hurt you have to tell someone the truth and bring them out of their dream world sometimes.

But all of this doesn’t mean that just because you don’t like the way someone thinks or their opinion on a subject that you have to shut them down. It means that if the decided to try to break into the white house to tell Obama about their opinion you need to chain them down and talk some sense into them, and have them write a very logical letter instead. There is nothing wrong with voicing your opinions but you need to think a couple of steps ahead and the consequences your action will result in. Whats your opinion on this?

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