I am shaking my head so much right now. I was just scrolling through my twitter timeline and I see everyone defending Zendya Coleman a singer dancer and actress who was described, in Giulianna Rancic, a TV personal on Fashion Police words as  “I feel like she smells of patchouli oil… maybe weed.” Did you hear that? ITS THE SOUND OF MY JAW DROPPING TO THE FLOOR

picture from; http://heavy.com/news/2015/02/zendaya-coleman-dreads-dreadlocks-giuliana-rancic-kelly-osbourne-fashion-police-oscars-disney/

When I first saw this picture of Zendya I was surprised, I will say that.  Although I don’t think dreads match her that well, I do think that comment was pretty racist and unnecessary. Just because she has dreads does not automatically mean that she smokes weed. I happen to think that she did present her self in a good way with that beautiful dress and nothing like ” someone who smells like argon oil or weed”

I honestly can’t believe she would ever say something like that and all respect is lost to Giuliana. She really needs to think before she speaks and if she really meant a ” boho chic” personal she should have just said that. How can you for one second think that people wouldn’t hesitate to say that it was a racist thing to say.

I by the way think that Zendya handled it perfectly with her instagram post which read something along the lines of what this person said was disrespectful, ignorant, stereotypical and hurtful. I am nothing but on her side when she says this because Giuliana needs to  realizes that this is how stupid rude remarks start. Now everyone who has braids or dreads are going to be seen as someone who smokes weed and smells like argon oil and everything on the same line.

Celebrities need to realize the power they have and even though she apologized I feel like its going to take a while for her to live this down and think about it if Zendya never said anything or if people weren’t giving her so much crap about it she would have never said sorry after she fully digested what she said. Some people need to stop trying so hard to be funny, it never turns out well.

What do you think?

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