Street Style

Bill Skinner yellow gold charm
$62 –

Am I the only one who thought that Rihanna would totally wear this!!! One of my favorite trends of 2015 is wearing all white because its clean and I just look good in white lol. But It is such a hard color to wear because you can literally get dirty in a matter of 10 seconds, just right after you leave the house. Can I get an Amen or am I alone in this???!!!
If you can walk out your house and go the whole day without mysteriously getting a mark on your white clothing please share your secret in the comments below because I have a white pair of jeans that I am dying to wear.
Anyway, sorry about that mini rant. Now you know why I call myself Stylish Ranter ;). My favorite piece in this set would be a mix between the shoes and the shirt dress because I can’t wear a shirt dress for the life of me but so many people can and uuuuggggghhh you have no idea how jealous I am of you.

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