I have probably touched this subject before (actually I know I have but I can go alllllll day)  but I just don’t understand why we always need satisfaction from our peers. Now a days it seems as if we can’t accomplish simple things for our self we just have to do it for the vine or for the instagram picture or to show off to our friends.

Maybe it has to do something about insecurities which we talk about here http://wp.me/p5w4Fk-W but I really don’t understand. If there is some secret life purpose to one up one another on a constant basis that I didn’t get a notice of can some one please inform me of it because I am obviously lost and confused.

Just think about it because we has humans tend to not think of the consequences or just think ahead in general and if we do think ahead we either push it to the back of our mind or ask ourselves how it would make our self look in front of our friends or to other people in general. Keeping our image in a good place is a fantastic thing but not to the point where your stuck in a box afraid to be yourself.

I find this in myself a lot because maybe it is just where I live but, you can get judge so harshly to the point where you find yourself following a crowd and staying on that line of right and wrong. In reality no one is who they really are because they are afraid to be judge because us as a society put a label on EVERYTHING.

Can we just make it our goal to be ourselves and not one up each other. Being competitive is good but be yourself while doing it at least. Don’t step out of your personality zone, if you think something is against what you believe in don’t do it because that’s not who you are but still challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone once in a while you know?

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