People forget that celebrities are human no matter how cocky they are. *cough* *cough* kanye west

Half of the time I think his self absorbed personal is fake and meant to be a joke. That being said I don’t think everyone else thinks the same way seeing that he got a petition signed against him, pleading for him to not perfourm at Glastonbury Music Festival in the UK. When I first saw this I didn’t take it seriously seeing that Kanye West being turned down wouldn’t turn out well. Not that he would care though. But think about it if you were an artist and people signed a petition to not have you perform and called you a disgrace to music wouldn’t you be hurt?

Some might say that celebrities signed up for all this hate to be sent to them and all this messed up crap being thrown at them but just think. All they wanted to do was share there talents with the world and make a name for themselves. And to say that this is messed up is nothing compared to this childish petition.

The funny thing is, Glastonbury festival has not yet said anything about this, and they shouldn’t. Because everyone has there opinions but this one is more turned on to his personality instead of his music. Last time I checked we should just artist on there job not there personality expecially since there is so much crap we don’t know about them.

And honestly you have to be insane in the membrane to think that this:


Is the actual Kanye. If anything I think he laughs at home in his million dollar house, about our reactions about what he does. There is no way someone can be THAT conceited. He an be an egotistical, rude, jerk but at the end of the day he is making money off of it and is really successful

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