If you haven’t heard everyone is pointing a finger at Megan Trainor who sings all about that bass for being sexiest. I don’t really follow her music that much but I decided hey why not.

I’m sitting in my comfortable bed refusing to get up and watching the video and the first 30 seconds I literally rolled my eyes because how is this in any way shape or form sexiest?

Watch Future Husband Here

She is clearly bashing the stereotypical housewife. Yes she says she’ll buy groceries and you have to take me on dates and whatever lame excuse you guys have on why she is anti feminism. But she also says I also have a 9-5 job so don’t expect me to cook. 

I actually laughed at this line but apparently I was the only one….. In multiple scenes she is doing the typical housewife things terribly wrong. And the stuff she is labeling she will do for her husband is nothing! 

I can see why people would think its sexiest and showcasing the typical gender roles but if you listen closely it really isn’t. Expecially if you watch the video with a clear mind you will defiantly see the humor

Now that the unnecessary discussion about if this music video is horrible and sends a bad message is over, can we get on to her outfit!! How did she possibly match cheetah print, red and blue leather, with black heels and still be on point!!


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I really love the outfit she wore because it was bold and surprisingly fit the theme she has going on in her video!  I find this very surprising that I love this outit because I usually stay with clothes that are either new or dark colors. So claps to Meghan!!

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