Im one of those people who get so irritated when people complain about the way they look and their situation or whatever there going through, without doing something about it!!! Even though the feelings are so real how come I’ve been doing nothing but sitting on my butt complaining about my fat on my body ( which my friends annoying point out is non existant *eye roll*)

I’m a hypocrite I’m sorry!!

But anyway, to get toned up, fit and to look like Yovanna Venture who is body goals asfq, I started a four week toning program with Nike Trainig App. 

The first workout was Kickin It and I felt so nautious because I thought.

“Hey! I have a good idea!!! Let’s eat mac and cheese before we work out!!!”


Someone slap me please!! I was so nautious and out of it, it wast funny and not to mention I haven’t been drinking enough water!! Take notes people and don’t do anything I did today except for work out. So claps to me for that one because at least I did something right

But that wasn’t all. To fix my pancake butt I did a full thirty minutes of workouts. My butt was burning!! I’m actually looking forward to being sore. I dot know why people hate it, if anything it cheers me on and tells me I’m doing something right. 💪

Workouts from

Nike Trainig Program


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