I can’t believe I didnt work out Monday. I was supposed to but because I had a test on a book I didn’t even read the next day (such a good role model) I spent all day yesterday reading it.

Honestly don’t do what I did because their is no excuse to miss a workout. Even if it was for studying/homework.

First of all I should’ve read the book, second I need to say on top of things, and third there is such things as breaks and I should’ve spent one of my breaks working out instead of sleeping and listening to music.

Yes I went to sleep for a break, don’t judge me šŸ˜¶

But anyway don’t ever do what I did because I felt guilt and its 4 days out of my week that I have to workout…. That’s not even a lot.

But can we just side note really quick?

So I was on tumblr because tumblr is my safe haven, and I saw this post about how and why exercising just suddenly boost your confidence.

First, it really does because sooner or later you will see results and they will come out of no where. And trust me you will want to show them off and it’s a major confidence booster. Secondly it’s just impossible after spending so much time in the gym or at home working your body and to not feel good about it!!

Am I right or am I right?

Even though this whole fitness thing is a slow process, we all know that it’s worth it because you learn how to love yourself and your body simply because your pushing yourself to the max a couple times a week

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