If your a procrastinated and you know it clap your hands


If your a procrastinated and you know it clap your hands


If you procrastinated and you know it but you won’t let a fail show it, if you procrastinated and you know it clap your hands 👏🏾👏🏾

I think I am sooooooo funny……

I have finals Monday wesnday and Thursday with a project that’s due Monday; and if you don’t think I studied and got that project in on time, with time to study ( until 4am)

You don’t know me at all. Lol

I was surprisingly relaxed throughout the whole time and got all my studying done. Maybe it was because of the constant breaks, car ride to my uncles to eat food, brownies and share a few laughes.

2 points for me

But let’s just be a good role model for a second and say *clears throat, Queue dramatic music*

Guys don’t do what I did, always study for finals two weeks ahead of time, trust me it’s not worth staying up all night studying only to forget it in the morning (if you didn’t study hard enough) and being tired the next day ( how will I be tired if coffee is my best friend heeelllloooo ever heard of Starbucks and coffee bra and don’t forget McDonald’s that is always around the corner!!)

Now that that’s over…..

Honestly this is only day one and I only have English and math tomorrow both I can have a cheat sheet on so studying wasn’t that hard.

Good luck to everyone on finals week!!!

Please enjoy a pick of my dog being annoying when I was trying to read my book for my project


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