I am so obsessed with the thought of success that it bugs me and the people around me so much. I always say I’m going to do this!!! I’m going to do this too!!! But I end up  losing the passion as fast as a child sees its ballon fly away or not taking the steps to get to that goal.

Someone who is one of my favorite comedians said

We all want to be successful but no one wants to put the work in

Why is that? I feel like me personally, I know I will lose interest and just hold onto the idea. I know that I’ll be too lazy but i just push it to the side and say 

“when I feel like it”

 or the famous


Honestly, I feel like procrastination and lazyness will be the one that kills me. It’s kind of ridiculous, and I know I’m not the only one. 

I used to have a friend who constantly said. 

” I can get straight A’s but I’m too lazy”

Let’s just let this sink in…..

You would rather throw away opportunities and not be able to say I did it, I got all A’s this year, simply to just watch Netflix and eat pizza.

People need to realize that this stuff that we put off our work for will still be here (unless something tragic happens) but things like school, our time is running out and of course you can just take it over during the summer, or do better next year. But what’s the point of that when you can give it your all and party when your done with school?! 

We just all needs to get our priorities straightened out. I would rather remember getting straight A’s then remembering finishing a whole season on Netflix in a day.

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