A few weeks ago maybe two, I went to the mall crawling on my knees, desperate for a new mascara and eye liner.

I try to never leave the house without a mascara because, well it’s mascara!!! The only thing that can tie up everything!! The one piece that can make your eyes pop with just a swipe of a brush.

I don’t think I should be making my eyes pop anymore though. My eyes are huge!!

I wanted to pick something new and different because usually I just get the Full action Extreme effect mascara from sephora and it’s always water proof because to me It looks way better and there is not a day that I’m not crying from laughing so hard. Lol

Even though I love my Extreme effect mascara it’s good to step out my comfort zone and pick up something new! ( and because there wasn’t any left….)

So I picked up the humongous Outrageous volume Dramatic volume mascaraand took it home along with my favorite eye liner.

I should have tried or even looked at the brush before I bought it because it was HORRIBLE.
Why would they make a brush like this!!! What is this sourcery!!!!

I tried it anyway and I mean clumps on clumps on clumps went on my eye lashes it was horrible!! And so much of the actual product came off it was just too much!! It’s literally the equivalent of sticking my hand in the product and then putting it on my eye lashes.

I know I’m new to this makeup thing but really??!!!

But thank god I always and I mean always clean and save my mascara brushes because I refuse to let this 12 dollar mascara go to waste.

I cleaned the job up and I was surprised!! Honestly!!

The mascara is really really good!! With the new brush it came off smooth, it wasn’t clumpy, dried in just the right amount of time and made my eye lashes look way longer than Extreme effect mascara and also it stays on way longer with few amount of swipes.

Overall only because of the brush, I give it a


Lot of mascara for only 12$:

•last long

•bigger so more mascara for same price as others

• longer lashes

• little clump with right brush

If you want to buy it just keep a really light hand when using the brush.

This is the brush as soon as I take it out of its container literally full of mascara and too much for my liking

I love the exterior of this mascara

 The brush from the extreme effect mascara that I use

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Beauty by Maeva Tarelli

I love to apply this mascara after putting my regular mascara and it really gives me that “BAM” Volume effect. Glad you liked it as well! Xx. M.