I saw a post like this when I was scrolling through my Twitter (follow me because I do follow back 😉) and I was just like yes!!!! Because I literally look up to the fashion blogs on my Instagram

These fashion blogs inspire me and I feel like you guys should know who my fashion/ insta inspiration is lol

Kristina Bazan

HOW DO YOU MOW KNOW HER!!! She is a famous blogger/ model and not only is she really pretty but her Instagram is literally on point and her outfits omg her outfits they are simple but to die for 😍😭

Why is she so gooooaaaalllss??!!

Then we have one of my favorite layout Instagram fashion peeps


Not one of her post are bad. Like


please spare all of us and have a least one!!! All her outfits are so cute and girly, then her feed makes you want to cry because it’s like a chunk of heaven lol


And last but not least we have


Not only is she a fellow WordPress blogger with a good Instagram to match but she takes so many good photos!! She claims she can’t but Jesus!! She doesn’t really post this much fashion but she is still one of my favorite bloggers/ person to follow on insta!!

That’s all I have for you!! But don’t forget to follow my Instagram aka StylishRanter to see more post and first word for ANY news regarding this blog!! 🎊🎉


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