My nails are weaker than a feather. So I did some searching and these tips and tricks actually work

Paint Your Nails


Just do it

I don’t know how probably because it protects and keeps oils down in your nail. I like to think of it as a shield. But hey it works.

What a better way to make your nails stronger than to paint them. It’s decorative and fun and your nails are benifiting from them. Also your able to track your progress because when your nails grow you will literally see it.

Pack on that Lotion

Your going to get soft hands and stronger nails?!

Yes your welcome 💁

I’ve notice ever since I put on lotion before I go to bed, after I wash them, and when I wake up

Erma gush

Stronger and softer

Moister Is Everything

Not only should you should apply that moisturizer like its no ones business but apply some kind of oil to your cuticlesa along with not picking at them.

I apply coconut oil to my cuticles and under my nails to make them stronger and healthier


Biotin? Biotin

It’s biotin, it helps everything grow.

Do I have to say more

Use your own nail care products

As I was searching this was something that came up a lot and I was wondering why.

I understand if you have sibling or roommates who ask to borrow your stuff ALL THE TIME but you need to put your foot down because that’s how things like fungi grow.

I hope these tips work for you!!!


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