Learning the difference between having a craving and actually needed food and being hungry has always been a struggle for me

I find that joining the whole big, worldwide fitness journey is not just for losing weight but for becoming a better person and a brand new you.

I am so sorry for the tackiness of this post so far

I want to learn the difference soon and to start I restricted my calories to 1200-1500. I make it such a wide range because on the days that I’m going to be resting from working out my calorie intake will be 1200 and the days that I’m going to workout will be 1500.

Setting a goal or restricting what I eat ( In a healthy way) well hopefully help me because im thinking that if I’m set at a limit, it will help me pick what I choose correctly and encourage me to excerise more to get more calories.

Think of it this way because this helped me so much. If I have 1200 dollars and I spend it all on some McDonald’s fries and a milkshake I’m kinda screwed for the rest of the day. ( and for the rest of my life because who would scarf down that much food!!) You can’t take what you don’t have and you need to pick and choose wisely.

In the topic of choosing wisely not only is it about picking the apple over the cinamon role but also when your stomach is growling don’t go immediately for food especially if you just ate an hour ago lol drink some water and then see if your hungry again.

I didn’t know that your stomach growles when your thirsty  too.

So not only will drinking water save you some calories to eat with but you also need to drink half of your body weight in water. ( good luck running to the bathroom)

Next we have something that I thought was crazy to do, but it helps to get full and enjoy ever bite

Chew slowly, chew more

I literally scarf down my food no joke. There is no chewing involved so transitioning to this was pretty hard.

And through this whole transition of separating hungry from craving I feel I’ve dug only 5% in out of the 100 feet terrain. But I’m not losing hope and will keeps you guys constantly updated

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