Our demons are not meant to be seen until your ready. I’ve learned so much in so little time in my opinion and I am not one of those people who thinks that the older you are the wiser. I do agree that it is true in some situations but in most it’s not.

I’m trying to build myself from the inside and out and if that means being made fun of and shutting down the people who are close to me then I will just have to do that. At the end of the day the only person that rally has my back would be me. As closed off and distant as that sounds I do think its true.

Until I find the right crowd there will always be people who try to shut me down and ” build me right up again” sometimes we don’t realize that the people knocking us down are right under our nose and i don’t think an individual will know that until the understand how to not depend on others for happiness.

I find it really funny how as soon as i build myself up and face my challenges on my own and be independent as some might say, I come back stronger and wiser.

I come back stronger and wiser because I built myself back up.

Some people can’t do that on their own and that is understood but everyone should try to learn how to do that in my opinion.

I’m wiser because, ( and I don’t know about you) but when i get through a obstical that tears me  down I face through and fight it then avoid being in that situation again.

I feel like some may see this or take this in as fear but it’s not.

I’m fighting through and if I have to I will fight through it again, wiser and knowing the weakness. So how would that be fearful?

By using your body as a temple as annoying clishia that is, taking your own advice ( never take advice that was great advice drake) ( and yes I quoted drake because drake) and learning to conquer you will soon see those toxic people and overcome their unappreciated ways.

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