Waking up at 12pm and going to sleep at 3am is never a good habit to have and seeing that I have that exact bad habit, I decided to create a routine and stick to it, to make my life a little bit better.

1.Unwind and Play some music

I created a playlist just for the whole getting ready for bed scenario, because I can’t do anything without listening to music. My habit of creating a playlist for everything Is getting worse and worse. Not saying its a bad thing but really who needs a playlist for literally everything

2. Cleaning clears the mind

A while ago I learned that when you have a clean environment then you will have a clear mind and that’s what I do, I clean my environment. I don’t deep clean it though I just start by doing the simple things like taking stuff off of my nightstand that isn’t supposed to be there, straightening out my bed and clean up anything my dog could have dragged into my room or her dog food that she likes to push around the house for some weird reason.

3. Exercise and Stretch

flexibility is always on my life goals because for some reason my middle splits is getting no where and I want to have an extended left split, because why not right? So stretching is a must each and every night. But I have been neglecting that because #summer so I don’t know if I will be able to reach that goal in a couple of weeks.

You also can’t stretch without warming up your muscles so I do the at home workout I created a while ago to get me warm and a little bit sweaty. Also if you do this you can get more flexible and you wont pull a muscle or something crazy.


4. Now off to the bathroom

If I didn’t shower in the morning I do so, but if I did then I run a bubble bath and relax majorly but before I do all of that I expholiate. Now I don’t do this everyday because it isn’t good for your skin, but I do it at least three times a day maybe more. It all depends on how much I exercised and if I feel yucky

5. Face and Hair

Just like my body I don’t expholiate my face that much for the same reasons, it is harmful while also being irritant to the skin, but I do expholiate my face at least once per week seeing that I wash my face with water most of the time and not so much product. If you haven’t seen my face routine make sure to check it out after this post!!

With my hair,  depending I either curl it or I wrap it seeing that I want my hair to stay straight and not have to straighten it every day. If it is feeling dry I put a little bit of coconut oil on the ends and through the rest of my hair to make it shiny and not as dry or dull as it was before. Also I don’t put enough that it will weigh down my hair and make it look oily.

And of course my teeth get brushed.

untileted 6

5. In bed

Before I go to bed I’ll read for a while and the book I have been reading is #girlboss seeing that I am the only blogger who have yet read this book. I am not usually the one to jump on band wagons but literally everyone has read this book and it has some secrets in it that I need to know

If I am still tired after reading I start practicing drawing seeing that I have been neglecting that hobby of mine and I really want to get better at it

After all of that I am out like a light lol

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