Casey is trying to kill me. In my months goals I promised myself that I would finish and do Casey Ho’s fitness calendar.  I didn’t know what I was getting my self into which is shaky legs and multiple questions as to why she would put her followers in so much pain. But do I regret it? ummm

No….. I think. I am only claiming and refusing to believe that I liked the workout because the amount of pain my body is in , just so much pain, and my legs along with my whole body is shaking like crazy. The only reason I didn’t stop mid workout was because of her constant reminders not to give up and the attempts of distracting me from the pain of my inner thighs with her new candles or background that she is obsessed with.

In her videos she constantly reminds you that you should be working out for yourself not for the pictures you see on pintrest or tumblr, along with the occasional instagram fitness pages. Although they do motivate us, we most likely wont look like the girls or guys who have god sculpted bodies, no matter how long we beg and plead. Everybody’s body is different and genes have so much to do with everything, but don’t let that hold you back though.

But the best part is with all our hard work the workouts will get easier and we will end up creating our own bodies that we would want to flaunt to the world. Bodies that we are proud of and are better than the ones we see on social media.

Thought the whole workout the questions and comments of

There is more??!!

Cassey why? Why would you do this to me???!!

Oh my god!!! Two more videos left!! kill me now

I would still recommend her videos and calendars to anyone to try and enjoyed my experience that left me wondering why I challenged myself to do this in the first place.

I manged to somehow wake my self up at 11am, even though I set an alarm for 8am then woke up, walked across my room and turned it off then went back to sleep.

I really need to stop this traumatically bad habit seeing that I start school soon, which is crazy because last time I remember I start school in September not the middle of August what type of sorcery??!!

But anyway, along with trying not to wake up at the middle of the day which is a horrible habit I also need to put more fruit and veggies blah blah healthy stuff into my diet, because although peanut butter is good, having it every single day can’t be.

At least I managed to sneak in a salad to-day that held corn, tomatoes, green onion and lemon juice with a tiny bit of olive oil into my diet today. That’s the healthiest thing I did in a while.

This is legit sooo sad

Drinking water is another one. I got a couple 33.8 ounce water bottles that I somehow managed to chug down two so thats good but overall. This whole new fitness thing is getting a little bit better.

I’ll keep you guys updated every week


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