So I was scrolling through tumblr because…… tumblr

And the idea of doing a sugar scrub after shaving came up


It was the best idea ever known to man, and if you think that your skin is already soft from shaving it will be extra soft after this. I literally do this every other day and I even listed it in my night routine because it is now part of my nearly daily things to do. You will honestly see results immediately and feel like a goddess or god.

All you have to do is mix salt and any kind of oil so it’s a scrub, and then massage it into your skin. Then because you will end up having dead skin on you mixed with salt you have to take a shower to get it all off, because if you don’t then… just do it.

It sounds nasty, but what would be nastier would be knowing a way to get all your dead skin cells off of you and not doing it. Think of it as a snake that has to take off its extra layer. Or even a caterpillar hatching into a butterfly because that’s what you will become after you do this lol.

To keep your new soft skin soft I would recommend moisturizing your skin at least two times a day because it seems like a lot but it would be worth it. Just do it first thing in the morning and before you go to bed.

Investing in a body wash that can bring moisture to your skin is always key because when your bathing your washing off oils so the least you can do is moisturize while doing so. Think of it as conditioning your hair after shampooing.

Also because water is everything don’t forget to drink A LOT of that because water helps EVERYTHING. You should be drinking half of your body weight too so ADD THAT IN!!!

And that’s it guys hahaha I hope this helped and if this did like this post and don’t forget to comment!!!


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