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Pictures in this picture are from Tumblr except the very first one

1. Overnight Braid

Sometimes it doesn’t work and I find that if you put some kind of gel in your hair or make it damp before braiding it becomes way priettier than if you just braid it while your hair is dry. Also French braids work way better then regular braids

2. Hair Curlers

You have no idea how much I love hair curlers. I have some that you just roll you hair into and then clip in. I also have some that you heat and then roll them into your hair but I find that those were making my hair break. Either way they are very useful and time efficient also I highly recommend them. 

3. Doughnut Bun

Anyone can put there hair in a bun, but a doughnut bun takes it to another level. Seriously, Im not just being over dramatic but they seriously make your bun bigger and you can do anything with it. You can get them from Michaels, any local drug store, almost everywhere.

4. Two French Braids

French braids always looks so nice and the best thing is it doesn’t matter if your having a bad hair day. And if you have an ombre in your hair you will look so cool!!


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