I’ve always had a problem with adding a bright color or anything that makes you question if the outfit is creative or ugly. I like making people question and I love to add twist onto my outfits and I think I mastered it

1.Wear Bright Colored or Crazy Printed Scarfs
I love outfits that have something plain like white t shirt and black or blue jeans/leggings and then BOOM there goes a really pretty scarf that was the first thing you noticed. They always drag you in and can make an outfit go from a 2 to a 100

2.   Chunky Unique Jewelry

People always say that your hair is the one way to show how unique you are but I also think it can come from your clothing choices and jewelry. When feeling spontaneous you can choose bright colored chunky jewelry, but then when your feeling classy you can choose thinner piece with colors like gold, silver and black. Honestly if you ever looked at post that are elegant they always have jewelry with those colors while in contrast, Chunky jewelry always goes with more spontaneous looks.


People may not notice but apparently your nails get noticed more than anything. It is really subconscious but ever since I learned that I have noticed that a lot, and when I asked around people have noticed too!! So why not take advantage of that and make your nails extravagant with nail art!!

4.  Makeup Helps Too

I love makeup that is so out there and especially when it matches your outfit!! Wearing colors that are in your outfit and that are mellow are so cute to me and I even have some looks on my pintrest!!



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