Recently when we have those days in the house that no one feels like cooking we order pizza or eat leftovers but every single time that we do this my mom buy this soup filled with veggies and some kind of meat and it smells so good!!

So finally as one of those days rolls around once again today I deided to jump on the bandwagon and eat the soup too. It turn out the famous soup that she gets all the time is called Pho and it is a Vietnamese soup that comes with veggies an some kind of meat. The herbs my pho came with was lemon ( which I know isn’t a herb) bean sprouts, calinetro,  halepenios, and lastly green onions with egg noddles (or white rice noodles). And when I tell you this is so delicious unless I send some to your house you wont fully understand.

The broth is nothing but watery like some soup broths are and it is so full of favour. The dish has the nerve after giving you that unqui taste to puch your tongue with all the herbs you put in the soup.


Guys and Girls, you have to try this honestly it is delicious. I ate mine with crab and shrimp seeing that I don’t eat pork, chicken, beef… etc, etc. But whatever you get it with its delicious and you know seeing that I am sitting her making a blog post about it.

While your eating this by the way make sure you actually indulge ever last bit of spices, and vegtables your bowel comes with. Event though your cheeks with double In size and your eyes might start wartering from bitting into the jalepinio it will be worth it.






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I love Pho!