For some reason I find that I am always late for school for SOME reason so I racked down on it and route down the reasons why I am always late. That resulted in this post and my hacks on how to avoid being late and make getting ready in the morning a little bit easier. My goal this year is to have perfect attendants and I will check in with you guys if that worked later.

Shower at Night

For some reason which includes me exercising at night or even finishing up on homework/ studying/ projects or just getting home late I’m unable to do this, but when I do it its an extra 30 minutes taken off which means a thirty minutes I can sleep in.

Do All Your Home Work and Studying the Night Before

I have a friend who does this in the morning for reasons I still don’t undertstand but then again I used to do this seeing that I just wanted to close my eyes so badly after studying and extra activities.

Clean Your Room

Honestly my friends think I am a clean freak but I am not, if my room isn’t cleaned and I just leave the house with it like that, not only would I never hear the end of it, and get my stuff chewed up by my dog, but I would come home to a nasty room.  After a long day aint no body got time for dat

Put Backpack In Car or by Door

If your alarm gets missed this would be perfect because it is one last thing to worry about then it will take time off, because your bag will be packed. In conclusion that’s an extra five minutes off.

Your welcome

Charge Phone Over Night

I have no idea why or how, but I always forgot to charge my phone last night and then I would spend the whole day at school charging it

Put Clothes on Dresser or Desk

check the weather and dress cordially because one, that’s a stress free morning  and two your room wont have clothes all over it. Check out dailydressme.com because it is my life saver

Prepare Lunch Night Before

check out my post here for ideas but preparing salads with the dressing on the side would be great just make sure the food wont get soggy from being in the fridge like for example croutons

Do An Overnight Hairstyle

I did some example and ideas here and they don’t take long at all and your hair will be perfect all you have to do is undo the braid or rollers and they look like you spent a long time on your hair

Make A Checklist So You Wont Forget

if you have to stop by target or make sure your paper was turned in to turnitin.com or something, right down a checklist, especially if you weren’t able to do it the night before but always try to

Set Your Room Across The Room

If this is you

then keep reading

if you are like me and you unconsciously turn off the alarm in your sleep charge your phone or alarm across the room making it loud and making you have to get up and turn it off instead of having to roll over and tap the screen or button.

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These are really useful. I hate having to wake up in the morning….well, anytime actually, but especially the morning haha.