Looking Adorable On The First Day Of School


I hate when people say that they can’t take the time in the morning to look cut for school. I understand trust me I do but with a few of my tips and tricks I had for making sure you always look on point for school everything its inexcusable. Honestly just through on a simple tee or some dresses, add some accessories and your good!!


I got this dress from H and M because it was so cute and the close detailing was to die for!! Green is one of the colors that complements my skin tone and of course I just had to wear my boots!!

I was looking for hats like the one I am wearing and guess wear I found it? I’ll give you a hint I literally shop there 24/7




Forever 21!!! yes I know like whhhhaatttt???? It was so adorable with its little bow on the side so expect to see more of it. It is just to die for honestly so adorable!!




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