It is really funny because my music varies so much. I can never lesson to my music on shuffle because it will literally go from rap to jass then gospel then rock and it just turn out to be a hot mess.

but one genre that I feel like I can never get tired of and that I have been listening non stop would be r and b. Most of the artist I listen to are just really deep and have the right words to say and give great advice in their lyrics.

Most people only want a catchy beat and chorus but I like to actually learn something from my music. With so many albums coming out it was hard to narrow down, but of course there are a few mainstream artist and some artist you never even heard about but I hope you like it!!!


I don’t think you guys realize how much I love this song by Drake it just so much meaning and just a little too much I can relate to its pretty scary

Jhene Aiko

One of my friends had the audacity to call her boring but whatever its her opinion but I just love her music. This is her most recent and as much as I love this song I love the music video it is so cute and funny!!


I was going to just link the whole album but that would be to much lol. She is literally a genius and her music will make you and abruptly  stop once your realize you have been in that exact situation she was in


I literally am so disappointed in myself because I didn’t start listening to him until yesterday, yes I know shame on me. There has yet been a song that I hated, if you like this son check out Maria I’m Drunk because I literally had this on replay all day yesterday and then woke up playing it

Justin Bieber


before you roll your eyes and call me typical remember that he is a pop artist that should be an r and b artist because his voice just sounds better with it. Every r and b song he featured on was amazing and you guys have to give him a chance. Just listen to Journals it is amazing

The Weeknd

The weeknd is amazing and he just came out with an album that is golden, guys just listen to it its called Beauty Behind The Madness


I literally cant with Tinashe she can sing and dance she is literally just perfect.

Travis Scott

I literally just discovered him when I was listening to Maria I’m drunk and  I  Love his music even know he is on the hip hop side.


I have been obsessed with him since I heard him on soundcloud and his music is crazy fantastic

Tori Kelly

She has a voice of an angle that is all I have to say about the subject.

Okay guys so that is all the artist I have for you and trust me I have more but that is a little bit to much for one post. If you like my music taste I post almost all my music playlist that are featured in post and ones that I just randomly make in my music section of my blog! If you have any artist I should check out please tell me in the comments!!


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