Okay so I really love flowy shirts because they are perfect for the weather and when they flow in the wind your easily majestic in two seconds. Or am I the only one who feels like this….

Awkward Nickelodeon animated GIFThat gif is me if you don’t understand what I am talking about.

But anyway guys this shirt is from H and M my new holly grail and the leggings are regular black leggings lol. It surprisingly took me a while to find black leggings and  when I finally did they were on sale for five dollars.

So of course I stalked up and bought four pair!!!


I don’t know why but my colors are defiantly black and white this month so far and I am seriously loving it!! I promise to add more color when it is officially fall in this desert  but until then black and white with the occasional green and red is the right thing for me.

Before I bought an out of control amount of the same color leggings I seriously did not understand the obsession with them. And it isn’t like I never had a pair of leggings before because I have it is just I didn’t understand the obsession. That was of course until now and I don’t know why you guys did not tell me what I was missing!!

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Love this look 💚 Xx Nathalie http://www.fashionathsta.wordpress.com


You look fab!! I love this style!! And the boots! Amazing post xx



so chic! i love your hat in this outfit, really dressed up the look!

please check out my look & share your thoughts too? 🙂