hey guys!! So i wanted to try something and vlog my weekend/ Monday and it actually turned out pretty well!! I didn’t include everything seeing that I had pictures and wanted to tell you guys in words what happened.


So Friday was a pretty calm day because I had school and then a football game to go to after. Usually footfall games are a lot of fun but there was just so match drama and my friend that was on the team didn’t play so I wasn’t so hyped about it like I would usually be. And then to make it worse #firstworldproblems I missed my shift to work the JV game and was told there were too many people anyway which was ridiculously annoying. But in the end the day was calm and not as boring as I just made it out to be lol

On Saturday the drama didn’t stop. I woke up thinking I was going to chill and go to the mall with my friend. Even though I had fun on the same day I got into a petty argument with my mom and I wasn’t able to go the my other friends birthday dinner. 

So instead of sleeping all day like I intended I just worked out for an hour and a half then cleaned up my room entirely 

I went to the mall and to a restaurant that had just the best food ever!! It was just a regular dinner though but it was just something about it that made me love it and I can’t decide if it was its simplicity, humbleness are the fantastic staff ( plus my really cute waiter) 

Dont forget to add me on snapchat @ raven.alixis
Went to the mall on Saturday and while my friend got this I got chipotle lol


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That sushi looks amazing 😋😋