Guys, the world is getting better. Even though it is so humid outside that I can barely manage the conditions, it didn’t matter because I had the cutest romper to help my skin breathe!! I always wanted another romper and the fact that I got it at my new favorite place, H & M it makes me really happy!  And it is also floral too!!

I love the back too! It is loose and has a cross at the back which makes it perfect for really hot humid weather like today, but not for the winter and fall time. I don’t really have a problem with that seeing that it isn’t getting colder anytime soon, maybe in October if my fellow Californians and I are lucky





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Love this outfit! The romper goes so well with the boots! xx Nathalie http://www.fashionathsta.wordpress.com


Great style. You look very tall… how tall are you? I am short at 5’1″”😊
That romper looks like something I would wear too.