It takes a lot to make me mad or irritated. Literally you can sit next to me and do the most cringe worthy things and I still wouldn’t be half as irritated as I was this whole month. But when I tell you first world problem after First world problem kept happening to me day after day non stop for 30 days. You guys seriously do not understand the small hell I have been put through this month. Keep in mind that I know there are worst things going on in the world and that I need to suck it up, but I am a young teenage girl so… I have some excuse.

1. It is the Mercury retrograde 

I am not one to be really into zodiac signs. I’ll only use it when I am bored or want to know why I don’t like or like someone so much. But when things just started getting worse and worse I came across something called the murcury retrograde and thank the heavens above that it is the last one this year ( knock on wood). The Mercury retrograde can be the best or worst time of your life and for me, everything is just going horribly 
2. School started 

Even thought I say that school is the worst thing life has put on my plate, I will say without it I would just be eating Nutella and watching pretty little liars for days on in. But oh boy was this week or two horrible for me!!! My grades went down terribly, there was so much petty drama between so many ” friends” and my motivation to do my homework an study has been thrown out the window. Last night I literally just stared at my textbook ” studying” for a good thirty minutes. :/
3. Social Media followers are plummeting 

This is a blogger first world problem. I know there are way more things to complain about but on Instagram my followers went from 830+ to 799 in one month!!! This is crazy!! And literally all my favorite accounts are deleting, my likes went down tremendously. *sigh* I am just… Life is so hard #firstworldproblems

4. blogging 

My inspiration for blog post was snatched away from me. It is gone!!! As you guys know my posting went from 5 times a week to once or twice if I’m lucky šŸ˜©. You guys have no idea how many post I deleted because they were horrible

5. Broken Nails

I couple months ago I tried out acrylics thinking they would be helpful to my thin and nail polish chipping nails. And honestly it was going great for a couple of months until this month. 

This month alone I broke 3 of my nails in the course of a week or two. 

Let’s just take that in…. And when I say broke my nail I mean the nail that is just as long as my acrylic is the quarter of the Length, if that.

6. My dog is refusing to eat her food and is constantly having accidents.

This is a lot of tmi, trust me I am literally going insane. Do you know our heard stories of that one crazy person who is obsessed with their dog and can not go a day without talking about how cute it is? 

Yup that’s me. 

So when all the sudden my dog stopped eating her food I started to freak out and literally started crying because I have no idea what is going on. And this whole having accidents on the floor in the house makes me want to lock my self in my room and never come out. I spent a good two months potty training my little  chihuahua only for her to pick up this annoying and disgusting habit again. 

7 Makeup is no where to be found

I was doing my eyeliner one day, put it back where it always was and its just gone now. I turned my house upside down looking for it and its like it grew legs and walked away. So instead of having my winged eye liner on fleek I have only been wearing mascara if that. 

Girls who wear makeup on the daily know how devastated you would be if your eyeliner especially decided to take a trip without you. 
Am I the only one who had a horrible month? Please comment below and tell me if so, so we can hold hands and cry together while stuffing chocolate in our mouths


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