For some reason just like everyone else, I find myself being in a mood where my motivation to succeed was stolen from me and locked away. With the stress of school and friends itching at me, one can get emotionally and physically drained.

More times than I liked to admit, I find myself constantly closing my self off in fear that I would be looked at a certain way or that I won’t be accepted. This place that we live in where people think like that is unacceptable. Who are we as human beings who constantly struggle since the day that we are born, to sit and pretend we have no idea what a fellow being is going through?

“Lead the life that will make you kindly and friendly to everyone about you, and you will be surprised what a happy life you will lead.”
– Charles M. Schwab

Whether it’s to let off steam from an argument, a broken nail or feeling like you disappointed someone who means a lot to you, everyone should lend and open ear and a shoulder to cry on multiple times in there life.

No one should ever have to say the words I feel alone or I wish I had someone to talk to because there are to many people in the world to not have one person to talk to. There are to many lessons to be learned from that someone not having one to turn to not ending well.

Whether befriending someone or just complimenting another, it can each can go a long way. Everyday we should make a goal to make someone else day to just see a beautiful smile.


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