Seeing that school has started and the time to get ready and have an idea for a good outfit has become smaller and smaller, all black, white and neutral outfits have become my major go to outfits.

Just because it is all the same color does not mean you can just leave it at that! Oh NO!! if anything that is when you have to go above and beyond, which means smacking on that new bracelet or necklace you bought, slamming down the heels that are too cute for a normal day. The just strutting down the street like you spent a good 2 hours on your ootd.

 It is always about looking your best with a minium time effort as  possible and I think I did just that! The beautiful watch in this outfit is from H and M then the braclets.. I have no idea because there my moms hehehe.

And of course these heels are from the beautiful designer Michael Khors





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