T shirt Dresses and Smiles


There is nothing that I love more than colors and outfit pieces that make someone look there best. For me, it would be pieces like high waisted pants and body con dresses. With fall finally rising and the weather touching the surface of being chilly, I decided to finally pull out my thigh high socks, boots and scarves to have the chance to express my fall weather ootd’s, that I have been itching to release.

I decided to bring out my favorite hairstyle,which is two braids braided back to meet half way loosely at the back of my head. While the wind dedcided to make a grand appearance and grace us with its presents, it was a total decision of why not, when I grabbed my scarf and thigh high socks from Burlington coat factory.





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          1. Thanks! I might just give it a try. I don’t have a fashion or style blog but maybe I’ll dedicate one post to it. ♥

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