I don’t watch youtube very often if I am honest. Most of the youtubers are all about promoting and money and just getting so fame hungry. But sadly now a days who isn’t like that. But these YouTube they blow all of that out the window!! They are funny, interactive, nice, and there so down to earth it hurts.

Kendal Rae 

Kendal Rae post everything from beauty and fashion videos to horoscopes and advice videos. She is an all around youtube who is not stuffed into one category. She has so much to say and her and Josh ( Kendals almost Husband) are so adorable and are total relationship goals

Raw Beauty Kristi

Raw Beauty Kristi, What can I possibly say about Kristi other than she is perfect. I love her videos, periscopes, makeup looks, rants, basically everything she is perfect. She makes sure you know that she isn’t trying to scam you with sponsored products while also proving that her makeup skills will make your jaw drop to the floor

Shirley b eniang

Not only is she a blogger but she is on youtube. Her voice and personality is so calm but  she will do anything but  bore you to death with her talking like some people sadly do. Her outfits are perfect and one of the people that inspire me.

Sarah Rae Vargas

No filter, it is absolutely no where to be found with this girl, and its great because many youtubers shy away from the things she talks about

Gigi Gorgeous

Glamorous oh so glamorous lol. I love Gigi and even though she can be a little bit too out there sometimes with the energy and the things she does, she still seems to not over do it and leaves me wanting more

Nazanin Kavari

This girl is crazy perfect. I just love her personality,videos everything. Watching her videos is just like sitting down and talking to a best friend.



Bubz is so cute!! I love her family I just love everything about her she just makes me smile!! Whenever I am upset or when I watch all of the Kardashians episodes I turn to her because I love vlogs and videos that are day to day real life type of content.



For some reason Emani just dragged me in. I have no idea what it is but I can relate to her so much!! I love each and every video she post especially her Lets Talk series.


Jenny Dey

I am a big fan of Lets Talk and advice videos and that is exactly what Jenny gives me!! She is also another youtuber who has the effect of catching up with an old friend every time you click on her videos.

Mackenzie marie

Wow thus girl has energy. Usually I don’t like youtubers that are in my face throwing confetti but this girl is the only exception. Her story time videos will leave your rolling on the floor in laughter.


Nichole Guerriero

Oh Nichole where do I start. She is lowkey the youtuber that made me want to get into makeup because she tells you everything you need to know about a product, where to get it, where to buy it and how much. And unlike most she is a BIG fan of drug store which is nice for people who are just starting out and don’t want to waste 50 dollars on a foundation you don’t even know how apply correctly


Kingsley is straight to the point and so real, while also keeping it funny.

I hope you guys actually got through this whole list and maybe subscribed to some!! If you did read the whole list please leave me at least two youtubers that you love and think I should check out


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I looove watching Kingsely! He’s so funny and I love how real he is, one of my faves xx


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