Ever since my first makeup look I have been so excited to do more! I have always awed at youtubers and bloggers who were capable of expressing there feelings, turning into another person, or simply doing a look that reassembled fall just with a swipe of a brush and a tap of a beauty blender.

For this look I used my love and beauty makeup pallet from Forever 21 since I am barely starting and dont have high end makeup just yet. I simply applied the gold color to my lid and the purple to the outer part of my eye then softly blended the two together.


And of course I had to apply my regular winged eye liner from sephora. There is nothing that completes a look with eyeshadow than a wing because in most cases it cleans it up.

On my lips is the Wet and Wild lipstick. It’s originally a dark purple but I wiped some of it off to take away some of the intense color.

Eye brows


Eye liner


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