Whether is drinking more green tea, going to the gym or pick up more hobbies. There are so many things we try to do more of and here are my top 5 things I need to do more of, because we all know all I want to do is sit and scroll through tumblr ( stylishranter.tumblr.com)


Even if its a newspaper or other blogs I need to read more. I remember once I even tried to read 100 books a year. And as you can tell, it did not really turn out well, because things like twitter and instagram and tumblr, oh my goodness tumblr exist. So getting stuff like that done does not work

Work Out and Do Yoga


I have been trying to work out more than once a week for the longest time but I am the laziest person ever known. And always seem to find away to convince my self not to go. Which is horrible and that leads me to another thing

Stop Procrasinating


Now I know that no one in this entire world has the ability to stop procrastinating but it is good to start somewhere. And I mean more than doing laundry or writing a blog post everyday I mean actually living life to the fullest even by doing the small things like watching the sun set.

Green Tea and More Green Tea


Green tea has so many benefits and almost everything I hear about seems to be true. Also I have a pretty bad coffee habit and tea has more benefits than coffee



Most will be like study? What is this foreign thing you speak of but studying everyday should be something everyone does whether its a religion or school work. Daily we should try to educate ourselves further instead of focusing on our looks because at the end of the day that is what no one will have the power to take away from us

Did I miss anything in the post? What is something you should do more of but can’t seem to find the time or will power to do it?




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