There is nothing like a dress that can make you a star at any occasion. Because the holidays are literally around the corner and there will be Christmas Party after Christmas  party, it wouldn’t hurt to get most of the shopping out of the way right? ( Or we can just use it as an excuse to a treat yourself but hey! I’m not judging, if anything I’m with you.)

I partnered up with Aisles of style and being completely honest, the new prom dresses dresses are so adorable and I am beyond angry I didn’t know about there dresses when it was time for my homecoming!!

The number one thing I look for with dresses is nothing too over the top but isn’t so dressed down that it looks like I am wearing something out of one of my friends closets. Sparkles should not too overdone and lace is at the top of my list, because it is classy for almost any occasion. And plus, who doesn’t like lace.

The First choice I have is

Spaghetti Straps Empire Sleeveless Floor-length A-line Evening Dress

 Yes that is a mouth full, but that is  the name of the dress and it is the perfect way to describe it. The detail is amazing and its perfect for a going out occasion. The front gives me life and it looks angelically soft like a cloud.

Yup, that’s a mature way of describing the dress.

On the website you can zoom in on the detail and trust me you will be in awe. It comes in 47 different colors so your variety is nearly unlimited. This dress also goes all the way to the floor so you will be holding your dress when you walk like a princess.

2. Sleeveless Empire Floor-length Chiffon Mermaid Eveninng Dress


This on kind of reminds me of the first dress, except for the sheer outline at the bottom and the fact that it is strapless. It is still beautiful with its bird details on it defiantly making you stand out if you ever decided to wear this dress to an occasion.

3. Nectarean A-line Sweetheart Crystal Detailing Sequins Floor-length Tulle Evening Dresses


If your looking for the typical high school prom dress or birthday event dress this one is is perfect. The jewelry detailing goes all around the top completely making it gorgeous. It comes in multiple colors but my favorite is the white. If you think other wise, leave me a comment saying which one is your favorite!

4. Exquisite A-line Sweetheart Crystal&Pearl Detailing Floor-length Chiffon Evening Dresses


This Crystal and Pearl detailing is just like the one above but this one reminds me of a greek godest because of the colors and texture of the dress. This dress is so beautiful and simple but what makes it stand out is the amazing detail in the bust area and the fact that you are not limited to only using gold or silver for your accessories.

5. Sexy Jewel Neck Sleeveless Bodyhugging Long Split Jersey Prom Dress with Lace


There is nothing I love more than a tight elegant dress to come off as dressy but still classy. This slit on the leg matches the trends you will see so many stars in such as Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna.

This dress can be daring but still classy and elegant.

6. Hot Sale Ivory Strapless Sweetheart Short Lace Prom Dress with Ribbon


Everyone should have a cute and flirty white dress in their closet for special occasions. This dress reminds me of both Disney and Ariana Grande because of its girly adorable patterns and fabric

7. Chic Couture Halter Neck Split Long Chiffon Prom Dress


This dress is undeniably elegant. From the way it fans out on the floor, its multiple layers of fabric, and the way it sneaks up the chest and meets at the back of her neck is enchanting.

8.Chic High Neck Two Piece Sleeveless Long Tulle Prom Dress with Lace Bodice


I love this dress so much!! It reminds me of Cinderella and it is just the most beautiful dress ever! I am not exaggerating, this is just perfect princess dress. The lace top is high neck and full of beautiful detail while the bottom half is just majestic lol.

If you like any of these dresses please make sure to check out . They are amazing for giving me my first sponsorship post and I cannot thank them enough for that.Especially since they were so helpful with all of my annoying questions haha. Everything I had to say about the dresses are my own opinions and I picked the dresses out my self.


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