The week before my Winter dance concert, the spirit captians of the team decided to do a secret sisster gifts  for the whole week. To be honest I usually hate doing anything secret sisster related because you can spend 70 dollars on someone while your secret sisster only spent 20 or less. 

But getting something is the only thing that matters and I really appreciate everything my secret sisster gave me!! 

Everything she was so generous to give me would be a wonderful idea for anyone else who needs ideas to give there friends or family.



1. Coffee Mugs

Honestly I love coffee mugs so much because there so cute! And they make me feel so tumblr lol. And of course your going to need something to hold all the coffee and hot chocolate 

2. Chocolates and Cookies

Honestly this is where most of the winter weight comes from because there is nothing like eating chocolates in the winter while sipping on hot chocolate 

3. Hot chocolate 


Mhmmmm because who doesn’t like hot chocolate?!! Give your special someone tons of hot chocolate kits and mint cookies and they will love you forever!!

4. Fluffy animals

I have such a soft spot for stuffed animals!! They are just so adorable and look so nice and comfy when place in any area
I hope this helped you guys a lot when deciding what to give your friends, family, or significant other this holiday season

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