Christmas Gift IdeA


I don’t know about you but I am so bad at giving gifts. Unless someone rants about it all year or literally puts on a list what they want I am horrible at it. But I know I am human and at least a hand full of people have no idea what to give a friend, family member or someone special in there life, and that’s why I got you.. Raven to the rescue

Coffee Mug
No one can ever go wrong with a coffee mug and then tea packets inside the mug to make it even cuter, and of course an extra box of tea or coffee!
Goodie Bag
The cutest thing you can ever get someone I just thought of in a couple of  minutes lol. So you know how every store has items that are just like a dollar ( lotions, hand sanitizers, stickers etc) especially around the holidays? Find really good smelling ones and fill a cute basket with them!! And make sure to spray it with  perfume or something to smell nice!!
My idea would be to get perfume, CANDLES, lotion and nail polish, just to name a few 😉
Phone Acessories
No one can ever go wrong with getting a phone case, charger, and earphones for Christmas. I’m pretty sure you will be tackled with hugs if you buy someone this
Wallet/ Purse Acessories
Okay I admit that this is really random, but small things to keep in your purse with a wallet would be pretty sweet and the person will remember you every time they look in their  purse lol
This is the easiest and the sweetest gift to give anyone seeing that we all love jewelry especially if  its from the one we love
We still have three months of winter including the days after Christmas so there is no reason to stop loading up on the sweaters

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