Everyone is always about the cheap easy way out. But here is the thing, when it is too cold outside to run or walk to the gym or your fatigued on Christmas cookies and hot chocolate your options are limited.

The Clam

This is the easiest and my favorite because it is possible to complete while scrolling through tumblr and playing music or watching YouTube videos

Side Leg Raises

These are the best to do when watching Christmas Movies and eating cookies. Also if you rotate the leg going forward slightly and do small pulses you’ll defiantly feel the burn, and don’t forget to add in going forward and pulsing up then going backwards and pulsing up. All combined will definitely demonstrate the

Hip External Rotation

This one was kind if confusing to me but its literally like doing the clam but with a straight leg

Hip Raises

This is a little awkward and hard to do while on your phone but its great for netflix tbh

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What a great post! I have become so lazy this winter with my exercises, and this is such a good way to make sure you incorporate workouts!