Hello Everyone!! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve with their friends or family and maybe even a jar of Nutella. Hey I dont judge. But with a new year not only does that mean partying but it means things like goals and ambitions and finding new passions. Last year my goal was to start a blog and to actually continue it, and honestly at this rate I don’t plan to stop doing this anytime soon.

Knowing that I knocked one thing out of the park I can wait to knock this years goals down one by one.

Social Media

I definitely want to expand my name in social media and post way more than I have been in the past year. That means posting way more on my platforms like Twitter and Instagram and even going as far to create specific exclusive content for each. Either way I am really excited to see myself grow by further  documenting my life.



Fitness has always been another problem for me and you guys know this. I can barely do any kind of challenge or program without quitting a week or a day later and I want to get better at this. Dietary wise continuing being a pescitarian mainly because I am completely scared of all the horror stories I have read of long time vegetarians, vegans etc suddenly changing their diet.



For Christmas I received a camera and It had to be the best gift I have ever received and definitely something that I don’t want to catch dust in the back of my closet. I even went as far as to schedule mini photo shoots with friends and hopefully that can expand to aspiring models who want to gain experience or even shooting for concerts. Either way it would be a wonderful experience and something new to try out.



Then we have something that nearly everyone wants to do and most for the wrong reasons and that includes starting a Youtube Channel. I posted two vlogs on my channel already and even one is in my widget section on my blog lol. Bu since I don’t do rants anymore on my blog I feel like youtube would be a good place for them. Also I’m interested in you guys getting to know me on another level, other than me just typing it out and posting a few pictures you know?

Growing My Blog

And of course what I try to do literally everyday and that includes getting more people to see my blog and comment and basically have a bigger engagement with you guys while also reaching new followers.

I would honestly love to know what your resolutions are so don’t forget to leave a comment below!! Also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel because I will upload two to three times a week!!


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I myself got a camera at the end of last year and haven’t stopped taking pictures since! One of the greatest gifts I’ve received! Hope you continue with it! đź’›