Hello everyone!! I feel like everyone always says their goals and ambitions for this year and what they want to accomplish, but you know what I’ve noticed? No one ever shares the steps their willing to take to get there and what their going to do everyday to make sure the things on the check list gets completed. Honestly I am even guilty at it but I have learned something  in school that I would love to share with you all lol.


The first step to anything you do is realizing why you want to do it and how will doing this change your life in anyway. One of my many things on my list was to finally get in shape. Many people have reasons as to why they want to do this whether that be because of a matter of life and death or if your like me, its because of all those times I ran up the stairs and I was out of breathe haha. That feeling is horrible and it pushes me to be at my top shape. So find your why

See It Everyday

You have to make it a routine. Do it every single day and find small ways to do  whatever your trying to accomplish, for your lazy days. You know, the  days where you want to do nothing but watch movies and eat nutella.

Tell Everyone And Anyone

In many cases our friends help us with just about everything, they are also good to remembering when you talk about big life challenges like going back to school, losing weight, or becoming an entrepreneur. The only time their memory is not a good thing would be each and every embarrassing moment of your life.

So because they are real good friends share with them one of your goals for 2016 and constantly talk about it. Once they take an interest or at least know how passionate you were about something, they will want to see you prosper and will be your number one cheerleader.

See It How It Is And Make It Happen

Don’t set anything unrealistic. Point blank and to  the point. You’ll only discourage yourself and that’s never a good thing. But that also doesn’t mean to just shoot low when setting your goals.

If All Fails Fake It Tell You Make It

This is honestly one of my favorites especially since I can sometimes be the laziest person on earth, but I just get in the mind of someone who has accomplished a goal that I have on my list.

Oh and also, following accounts that inspire you on your twitter or instagram can help too

I hope everything I wrote helped you! Don’t forget to check out my goals for 2016 here and tune in later today for an extra post since I didn’t upload yesterday!!


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