In every morning and night tutorial you see these little brush being used all of the time. But is it really worth it or is it a beauty hoax like most products are found to be?

I was given this facial brush as a Christmas present from Santa and I don’t know if he trying to tell my skin isn’t looking to great or what. But I just shook it off and unwrapped the product.


Inside was a facial brush with a brush attached to it and another brush next to it for later use which I found convenient. The only thing I wasn’t to found of was their was no batteries! And it was even written on the box that batteries were needed.

Seeing that it is electric I knew batteries were going to be needed but it would be nice to say on the box no batteries included and what type to purchase.


The brush has two settings medium speed and fast speed which I don’t recommend since it will be rough on the skin and just a tad too harsh. When first using the brush you will be obsessed because it feels like getting a massage. I will also like to include that u can still use whatever face soap you use.

But the day after using the brush I found several spots on my face but then the next day they were gone… weird right?

So is the brush worth it in the end? As an exfoliate instead of using salt and or the soap that has the little mini exfoliating dots, I recommend it. It will leave your face feeling really soft. But in all honestly its nothing special.

I hope you guys like this post!! Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for another and check out my last one here if you missed it!! Bye!!!


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