1. Female Page

Even though they don’t post their own pictures they post everyday and everything on their page is so girly and cute! 


2. StyleDevotees

If your into fashion travel and lifestyle post follow this account because everything is extremely tumblr and the post are totally adorable
3. RawBeautyKristi

I have talked about  Kristi now 2 times on my blog ( find that post here)  because she is simply amazing. It’s hard to find someone who is truely down to earth and talented. She post everyday on Instagram and each is a high quality picture. Her YouTube channel is also amazing don’t forget to check that out!

4. Amandakhamkaew

Literally my Instagram goals. She post both fashion and beauty post each is high quality
5. Sherlinanym

If you love street style by still classy outfit post she is the one to go to Sherlin makes me want to redo my closet lol and I check her Instagram before I go shopping literally every time

I hope you like this post!! Don’t forget to check out my last post here and follow my Instagram!!


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I am Metal Heart

cool! Thanks for the ideas, I’m always looking for cool people to follow 🙂